Located in a city known for its medical and technology industries, RSA is among the very first STEM high schools in Minnesota. RSA creates multiple community partnerships to expose its students to STEM through internships, apprenticeships, mentorships, field trips, specialized programming, enrichment, and by continually bringing specialists working in STEM fields into its classrooms. This will ensure that minority children, including East African, Hmong and Hispanic immigrants, will acquire the skills, knowledge-base, educational preparation, and motivation required to succeed in an increasingly technological world. At the same time, RSA’s goal of continually immersing its students within a college-focused culture will support their embarking in post-secondary studies. In these ways, RSA’s programming will replicate the outstanding success of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and other STEM-focused secondary schools that have already garnered national attention.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of our learning program is the emphasis to prepare each student for college on or before the end of their senior year. To this end, we have created Strategy 2018 and the Personal Learning Plan. Strategy 2018 has the ambitious goal of leading students to attain an Associate of Arts Degree (or equivalent) and a High School Diploma at the end of their senior year. The Personal Learning Plan is a bold challenge for students to account for their learning and learning goals.

Strategy 2018
Personal Learning Plan